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Butterflies are definitely known for captivating the eyes with their elegance and beauty, their tenderness and subtleness; something so addictive and needed within our lives. The next season to come will bring this creature back into the ecosphere and we will help them along.

Photographer, Nick Kane captured the beauty of a butterfly ready to prepare us for spring ahead. With inspiration taken from a chic and vibrant Parisian woman, Fabryan creates a new lady, bringing back the once lost elegant and glamorous woman.
Using Fabryan’s luxury silk scarves made from 100% pure silk featuring bold colors; as well as our silk and cashmere scarf. The long black dress also by Fabryan’s ready-to-wear contrasted greatly and to its full effect, defining every trait of the body and celebrating the womanly figure. Not only that, it insinuated the colour scheme to its full effect, hypnotising you like the qualities of a butterfly, focusing only deeply on the addictive colours. The make-up colour scheme was lively and adventurous, and of course full of stupidly bright colours.

With apple green eye shadow, the models eyes opened and closed like a butterfly displaying the beauty of its wings. The hair was styled natural, not only following a free and womanly style, but making this shoot purely about being unrestricted. With a natural coloured background, the beautiful scarves are able to speak for themselves as they are powerful enough to do that. It is a step by step to an elegant and free lady, a butterfly is a breath of fresh air.

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Photographer: Nick Kane
Model: Amanda
MUA: Siobhan Carr
Assistant: Megan Walters
Dress and scarves by FABRYAN