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It’s true what they say; clothes and accessories from different era are always evolving in and out of fashion. Silk scarves are no exception. In fact, they have to be one of the most popular accessories still to date, having always been an accessory that can be worn in several ways.

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are great style icons for silk scarves. Back in the 19th and 20th century these fashion icons wore silk scarves around their heads as a type of hair accessory when driving in a convertible car. It was another way to add some colour and patterns into their outfits. The scarves they wore were usually made with silk. During that era a silk scarf was an ultimate accessory for the upper class women.

Silk scarves originally came from Roman workers who were working outside in the heat all day, they would wear the scarves around their necks as a way of keeping clean. These were called ‘sweat cloths’. Men and women would both wear scarves whilst working outside in the heat.

Women were the ones to then evolve silk scarves into a fashion accessory by deciding to wear them in other ways other than around the neck as a way to keep clean.

The experimented in several ways to wear a scarf. Most of these styles, we still use today.

Fashion designers like Hermes and Burberry soon started designing their own designs of silk scarves. They became a huge success; these designers are now incredibly well known for their silk scarves being a huge success.

Now a days – silk scarves are one of the most fashionable accessory to wear, with hundreds of different people wearing them in all different ways.

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