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  • A scarf or shawl can pull an outfit together, add a touch of femininity to a tailored suit or give panache to eveningwear. It is also a great way to add a dash of sophistication to travelling clothes other than elegant outfits.


Silk Scarves can look classic, elegant, casual, dashing or even sporty, depending on how you wear them. And in addition to being worn around the neck or head, they can be looped, tied, twisted and knotted into halter tops, belts, wraps and hair accessories, as Fabryan has done.
Fabryan makes vibrant and true to life scarves, in 100% pure silk or chiffon.


A Fabryan silk scarf can add a hint of sophistication and liveliness in your evening or daywear. There are different ways to tie a scarf. A silk scarf can be tied and styled in various in different ways:

  • Around your neck, with a little bow at the end
  • Tied Around your head, as a headscarf worn for religion purposes, and also a little knot that shows off the vibrancy wrapped around your hair or as a stylish turban
  • Your silk scarf could be dropped around your shoulders, to give that evening dress a little charming effect or simply to keep you warm.
  •  A silk scarf could also be tied around  your waist as a belt or hip line, to attract all the attention to your curves as a sarong.