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Silk Scarves are a classic item in your wardrobe. Silk Scarf Bracelet is the trendy must-have fashion accessory for women. Fabryan’s collection of Twilly scarves offer versatility and so many ways to wear a silk scarf.

Most of the time women love to wear a Silk scarf on the neck or as a headwrap. But if you want to try something new, use your Twilly silk scarf as a bracelet accessory.…. To wear a twilly as a Silk scarf bracelet is this season’s most luxurious accessories for women.

Browse our collection of Silk Twillies (Twilly Scarf) and discover a vibrant, colorful range of prints design made with 100% Silk Twill which is the best and most luxurious. As an alternative style option use as a  Silk Scarf Bracelet.

Silk Twilly scarf is the best material to tie up in the hand for bracelet accessories. We FABRYAN offers varieties of twilly scarf for your hand bracelet accessories. They are different in colors and prints.

                                    Wrap your wrist with Silk Scarf Bracelet (Twilly)

Twilly is the best for creating the style for the bracelet. This silk is easy to wrap, fit nicely around the wrist and light and comfy. Twilly scarfs are lightly weighted, 100% twill silk, soft and vibrant. It is a cool to wear it as a Silk Scarf Bracelet. Just take some steps:

  • Choose a Fabryan silk twilly Scarf
  • Wrap it around your wrist
  • Add any lockets or chain if you want more vibrant.

It would be just an easy way to accessorize yourself in a matter of a minute.

This scarf styling has recently been spotted on fashionistas and celebrities a like.  You may wear your Silk Scarf Bracelet as a casual or dressy look. Silk Scarves can be worn with any outfit. It matches perfectly with jeans and tops, formal or informal, dresses or skirts e.t.c

Luxury Silk Scarf Bracelet

Talking about the Twilly designs of wrapping the scarf around your wrist either you can wrap it simply or you can do the criss-cross, crochet, double knot, single knot and many more. Moreover, you can add any lockets and chain lock at the end part of the scarf to keep it more cool and classy.

FABRYAN offers Twilly silk scarf  bracelet accessories at an affordable price of £34.99

In light of the fact, FABRYAN twilly scarf will make really cool and elegant accessories for women.