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The neckerchief scarf is a stylish way to tie your scarf; which enhances the style with the trendy and funky look. The neckerchief scarf style around the neck can be called sometimes as Necker or sometimes as chick scarf. It’s so easy to wear.

Stylish women tend to add something to their outfits. So why not try the mini scarf. Its more than just a small piece of cloth around your neck. The silk square foulard is cut to size making your day outfit not so simple yet stylish and elegant.

However, a simple knot is not the only way to wear your Fabryan neckerchief scarf! You may style in several ways. Our Fabryan mini silk scarves which are cut to 45 x 45 cm making them very versatile.

All our Mini Scarves are made in 100% Traditional Silk Twill. Hand rolled and hemmed to perfection.

Mini Silk scarf for your neck (The Neckerchief)

The Fabryan neckerchief scarf collection is made from pure silk fabric.The collection boasts of several prints design. The mini size scarf is really great for spring and summer. When it’s a little bit warmer and you don’t really want an entire scarf wrapped around your neck it would be an easy way to wrap the mini one and you will not feel too hot. So, these are great for that.

Browse the new range of mini scarves. FABRYAN is quickly becoming the go to brand for silk scarves and accessories. Of course for the neckerchief scarf too.

  • FABRYAN has beautiful, rich and more classic bright color palate in the collection.
  • From Mini Scarves to Twilly – We have a range of designs and sizes
  • The high-quality products at an affordable price.

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