Catch me if you can…

Walk with us around the beautiful scenes of a secret, yet stunning location in west London, the home city of Fabryan. Gorgeous green gardens, with perfectly trimmed hedges are neatly formed into squares, shaping a walk way for one to pass along. The grounds feature thin, tidy tall trees that stretch into the sky, exerting their superiority amongst the greenery.


(Michelle dress by FABRYAN SS13)

The architecture is something of beauty, with stone pillars depicting grandeur, opulence and sophistication.
Following Fabryan’s 1950’s glamorous inspired collection at Berlin Fashion Week last month, such a location proves to be fitting for showcasing a very much favoured cape from the collection in this editorial shoot.


The fountain, a picture combining the beauty of nature and water with man’s craftsmanship mirrors the beauty of Fabryan’s designs. Our stunning silk dresses in green and blue complimented the affluent scenes that surrounded the model. The green dress effortlessly falls at the shoulders to show and celebrate the collar bones of the female body. A trend that was recognised to be significant at London Fashion Week this February.


(Black full length cape by FABRYAN)

Luxury and elegance are the visual language spoken in the image of the model wearing the lovely charlotte (blue) dress styled with the fur coat and pearl earrings that are iconic of the 1950’s.

The verdict? Stunning silk silhouettes and another great shoot.



(Charlotte dress by Fabryan)


(Fabryan cape AW13 collection) 
Photographer – Riccardo J
Designer – FABRYAN
Model – Emmy
Stylist – Malaika Mwaniki
Assistant Stylist – Divina Campbell
Hair and make up – Claudette Fruchier
Assistant – Indea De-silva