We feel rather excited to have been asked to share this editorial with you all by the photographer Ryan Handy who with the help of his team have created a wonderful, vibrant & beyond beautiful shoot together. We love the use of Red as a highlight & we love the effortless elegance it manages to capture, pretty much everything works together in harmony. We were seriously happy to have the guys behind the shoot enlighten us a little more about the shoot, the inspiration & more:

Read what the team had to say:

Fabryan - chealsea - girl

Ryan Handy – Photographer: The idea was to bring some exciting colours into an AW shoot, especially Red! I had always wanted to shoot in and around Chelsea and Victoria as I loved the beautiful grand white houses. I thought it would be a great chance to use the area as a backdrop for the shoot. As for finding a model, I wanted somebody different, someone with a uniqueness about them. I got in contact with Lenis Model Management and they sent me over a package of girls who were testing. I immediately fell in love with Rebecca Arnold! She had the most amazing freckles! When I was thinking about what team i wanted, two people sprung to mind, Aliya Zaidi (Stylist) and Carmen Götz (MUA). I had been following their work for a while and thought it would be great chance to work together.

Equipment: I work very quickly (I think) and don’t use any lights or reflectors when shooting on location. This is because I like to keep the momentum up! Plus I don’t like carrying lots of equipment! When I’m ‘in the zone’ I don’t want to stop and change lights etc. I know when I’ve got ‘the shot’ so don’t want to drag it on if I there is no need. The model could get bored if you keep on at the same shot for ages. If it’s not working, try something else!

Fabryan _ chealsea girl

In my bag: Canon 5d MK2, Canon 85mm f1.2L, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L, Canon 70-200mm f2.8L

Aliya Zaidi – Stylist: When Ryan and I first planned this shoot, the set theme was going to be Red. First thing I thought? Brilliant, I’ll just contact loads of designers with red clothes and make it an explosion of red! Zoom forwards to a week before the shoot and I’m a shaking and crying mess because every single designer with a tiny thread of red in their collections had already lent their pieces out for mass submissions of ‘red’ shoots to one publication. So I decided to do what I (hope!) I do best and target the details – go for red accessories and keep everything else lovely and wintery. I did exactly this with help from designers Fabryan (http://www.fabryan.com), Maysson Al Otaiba (whose bright, 100% cashmere pieces were a huge hit with the team), topped off with gorgeous and quirky headpieces by Hatastic. The icing on the cake was stumbling upon an amazing bar with an outdoor garden area covered in fake snow – I had thankfully saved the best outfit for last and couldn’t ask for a more perfect winter look.

Fabryan_chelsea -girl

Carmen Götz – MUA: The makeup for this shoot had to suit our red colour theme and needed to be elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Therefore I chose the red lip for complementing our red accessories with some light eye-makeup changes with adding more purple to it to make the initial browns on the model’s eye deeper and more suitable to our other looks.

Full Credits:

Photography by RYAN HANDY www.ryanhandyphotography.com
Styling by ALIYA ZAIDI
Model REBECCA ARNOLD @ Leni’s Model Management
source – Creative book