The White Swan

The Nevaeh dress by Fabryan offers a contrast to the black swan inspired photo shoot, embracing the idea of a white swan. In Darren Aronofsky’s film; Black Swan, the white swan is considered to be beautiful and a free spirit. This is the feeling we wish to inspire women to feel. The name Nevaeh is the word heaven spelt backwards. This is a feminine dress; that offers a real feeling of ecstasy with its blissful back less design, celebrating the female body.

The dress has a V shape on the front, meets a beautifully hand beaded detail which is also around the waist; whilst the straps of the dress effortlessly entwine on the model, Linda Silverstone’s back.


The shoot embraces an apollonian style. Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, representing the highest form of art and aesthetic perfection. He truly embodies poetic simplicity and elegance, such words that mirror the description of our Nevaeh Dress.

The natural settings of this shoot emphasises the natural beauty of the dress; displaying a beautiful crafted grey sofa that chants luxury, defining Fabryan.

The model’s hair was styled by Kasia Fortuna depicting Grecian elegance.

This graceful dress doesn’t require much effort,a natural make up allows the simplicity to create a sophisticated style, translating effortless beauty.

Nevaeh dress by Fabryan is ‘Made to order, ensuring it is unique for you, celebrating your individual figure.

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