I started interning for Samantha in February 2013 and since then we've had an ongoing arrangement where I do work for the brand as and when needed. It means I get to work from home and come in to the studio/ attend photo shoots and fashion shows once in a while when required. From the get go, Samantha made me feel as part of her Fabryan team. She values and appreciates the work I do. Samantha is also kind enough to present her interns with opportunities to go abroad with her for fashion shows and photo shoots which is something most other Creative Directors don't offer to interns. It is amazing that she values her interns so much and that's why most of her interns, including myself, stay on at Fabryan long-term and try to help Samantha build the brand name and its success.   photoALICE BODKIN - PR Assistant Great moments are born from great opportunity. I truly believe that sentence defines my internship with Fabryan. I have enjoyed working with Fabryan for over a year and my internship with the brand has opened so many doors for me. I have been able to travel to new places, meet some amazing new people and attain invaluable insight to the industry. What’s more, it has been a great joy to work with someone as generous and kind as Samantha. She has enriched me and helped me grow in my beginning steps concerning a fashion career.   photo 12.30.38 CHARIS KOH - PR Intern I have interned for Fabryan and it has been an amazing experience. The busiest period was the preparation  leading up to the AW14 exhibition for London Fashion Week. It was such a fun experience and I am grateful to have been a part of it. I got to meet many people from the fashion industry and appreciate the hard work that has to be put in to make a brand/event successful. I also helped manage and promote Fabryan on the Chinese Twitter platform (Weibo). It was such a pleasure to work and learn from Samantha, the designer of Fabryan. I also wish Fabryan all the best and am so glad that the brand is doing extremely well at the moment. Any intern would be fortunate to learn from Samantha and be a part of the team.   photoNIKKI DAY - Design Assistant My time at FABRYAN has been extremely rewarding and provided me with experiences and opportunities that I never expected to be a part of as an intern. I am very grateful to Samantha for providing me with these chances and trusting me to be involved in different catwalk events and shoots and it’s a pleasure to work for someone so talented and driven, as well as being a lovely person. I have learned so much from the internship and have been made to feel really involved and part of the team. FABRYAN is going from strength to strength and there is always something to be preparing for or looking forward to when working for the brand which is what makes it so much fun. I am excited to continue my time there and watch the company expand and grow even further.    photo copyJASMIN POTTS - Studio Assistant I’m currently interning at FABRYAN as part of my degree course at University. I am having the most amazing time it’s such a pleasure to work and learn from an amazing designer like Samantha. Working for FABRYAN has given me the chance to work and meet some amazing people in the fashion industry. Samantha is an amazing designer and makes you feel at home working for FABRYAN, a kind and ever so generous person. Working at the FABRYAN studio on a day to day basis I’ve been able to toile and also pattern cut which I value so much to help me with my university degree. Recently Samantha was kind enough to present me the opportunity to fly out to Zagreb, Croatia to attend Fashion Week. This being my first ever experience to attend a fashion show event like this and a one I’ll never forget all thanks to FABRYAN. I truly am enjoying myself and I wish for all the best for FABRYAN for the future!!   1487846_10204157471130760_6302076931904636722_oOLIVER WRIGHT -Bespoke tailoring I started working at Fabryan whilst on a placement term at university. From the early days I was assigned tasks that were very suited to what I practiced and had been training for, and while working on these tasks I received a great deal of help and support from Samantha and the other members of the team. It was also while working on the new Spring/Summer 2015 collection that we continued to work as a close team, always aiming to support, encourage and motivate each other as we managed to complete this great project. To work at Fabryan is an amazing opportunity to develop your own creative skills in fashion. It is an opportunity to take skills and abilities already possessed and learning how to develop them to stronger levels, as well as evolving them into learning new and very useful techniques. And to work in a very friendly, supportive and motivating environment who do not expect the heaven-and-the-earth from their interns, I would definitely recommend to anyone the opportunity of working at Fabryan   image LEONORA BEVAN - Marketing Intern Working for FABRYAN was incredible! It is definitely an experience that I will take with me throughout my working career and one that I will praise. I really enjoyed every aspect of working with the brand and learning about what happens on a day to day basis. It was great being able to see how a brand can grow so much in just a few years. During the internship, I was able see how even the smallest touches can go a long way and it was amazing being able to experience that. I was mainly helping out with the marketing side of the brand but also helped out with some branding which was really exciting. I wish for all the best for FABRYAN and I am so excited to see the brand grow even more. Thank you so much for such a great experience!!!!!   289998_4106029412252_1482909516_oJON-ROSS GRIZZLE - Graphic Designer Having only spent a short time with Fabryan, I have done so much creative work, from banners, illustrations, editorial layouts to collages & social media graphic content. I've had so much fun creating these visual pieces and working for a lovely, engaging brand like Fabryan is greatly satisfying and definitely a great way to help pave the way for a career path in graphic design. Having an academic background in architecture, breaking into a different industry is difficult, especially in the creative industry. Fabryan's amazingly talented Creative Director Samantha has provided me with the opportunity to help me shape a new career path for myself, doing the things I love and allow my imagination come through in my work, whilst learning new skills as a graphic designer. I look forward to continuing working for this showstopping label and I can't wait to see what great things are in store the label and its founder. 562347_526251267416254_1667420025_nMEGAN WALTERS - Marketing intern If I had to sum up my time with Fabryan in three words, it would be, rewarding, encouraging and generous. The opportunities from working with Samantha have been phenomenal. She gave me access to every part of Fabryan, from attending photoshoots and styling, to assisting with sponsorship and PR work. My proudest moment to date was actually with Fabryan. I joined the brand in Switzerland for a 5 day shoot in St Moritz as a Fashion Assistant and that is not something many interns can say. I can't thank Samantha enough for giving me such fantastic opportunities that have really helped widen my knowledge and experience of the fashion industry. And not to mention the people I met along the way. At Fabryan, you work close with the designer which is very rare in the industry and allows you to see how the brand works and grows in more depth. I would love to return at some point in the near future and I wish Fabryan the absolute best.                 Back