The art of denial….

A selection of our striking little black dresses (Irese, Paolma and vixen) were used in a shoot themed “The art of denial” by photographer Rosesella Vanon.

And here are Rossella’s comments:

Creating the looks and sourcing the clothes is usually something I leave to the wardrobe stylist, unless there is a designer whose pieces I definitely want to use in the shoot. In the case of The Art of Denial, I had already gotten in touch with the very talented London-based designer Fabryan, whose outfits I had just seen at London Fashion Week in February 2010.

I provided the stylist Debora with guidelines and reference images, and I showed her the garments I had already collected from Fabryan to make sure we would have continuity in all the outfits we were going to shoot. She then sourced the other clothes and created all the looks, sending me images of the collected pieces to make sure we were going in the right direction

(Paloma dress by FABRYAN)

(Irese dress by FABRYAN)

(Vixen dress by FABRYAN)


Photographer: Rossella Vanon

Designer – FABRYAN

Set Design: Sinead Phillips and Rossella Vanon

Wardrobe Stylist: Debora Torres

Hair Stylist: Natalie Guest

Makeup: Katie Wilton

Model: Eleanor Cooper for Gingersnap

Photography Assistant: Eve Bow